In a business where it is your job to inspire everyone to feel good you know that feeling good is the key to confidence and success. Bernadette Giorgi is a certified Pilates Instructor, teacher trainer and the star of a Pilates video series that includes her best selling "Attitude Ballet Pilates Fusion."

Giorgi has gained a strong reputation amongst clients and industry experts for her distinctive style, personalized services and superior workout routines. "I am passionate about movement and see everything we do as a part of life's great dance," shares Giorgi. Trained at Philadelphia's prestigious Academy of Dance, Giorgi was led to a Pilates career through the physical therapy and rehabilitation that followed a knee injury. Giorgi holds many advanced certifications in Pilates including Pilates for Golf & Tennis.

A trusted voice in the fitness/lifestyle industry for over a decade, Giorgi's fusion workouts offers an alternative to classical Pilates and tougher high intensity workouts. Born out her passion for the "barre," "the art of control" and fluid movement, the Just b Method gently sculpts, strengthens, tones and invigorates. "After giving birth to my second child, it was this method that led to me losing 85lbs.," explains Giorgi.

Don't be fooled by her model looks, choreographed moves and fashion show poise, Giorgi is on an empowerment mission that offers lifestyle-wellness resources that provide the necessary tools to make healthier choices for balanced living. "In this new Age of Wellness, consumers are becoming increasingly pro-active with their own health and well-being. Instead of relying on medical professionals to help them once they become ill, they are looking for ways to maintain and improve their health. For my clients, that includes food choices, what is done to stay active, greener alternatives and stress management," says Giorgi.

Moving away from intense drill centered workouts; Giorgi's "just b method" uses the ease of movement found in Pilates to motivate her clients toward healthier lifestyle choices. Pilates invigorates the body by drawing from a range of "mind/body" disciplines that offer a workout to heighten body awareness.

Teaching throughout Europe and the US, Giorgi has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, and Pilates Digest. A reoccurring guest on QVC, FOX News and Better TV; Giorgi hopes to continue improving the world through Pilates and her volunteer work with various charity organizations.